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GVC (GVC2004)

Featuring Cleo Brown, Joe Turner, Pete Johnson, Big Maceo, Hadda Brooks, Joe Liggins, Sonny Thompson, Count Basie, Mabel Scott, Albert Ammons etc.

Fifty two tremendous slabs of the real boogie woogie presented by not just the usual suspects, but some unusual individuals you rarely find on anthologies such as this - and I'm glad about that.

I do love all the regular boogie merchants; Ammons, Meade Lux Lewis, Yancey and the like but it's great to hear something new and invigorating like Nellie Lutcher's buoyant "Lake Charles Boogie", Little Esther's sexy "Cupid's Boogie", Sugar Chile Robinson's manic "Numbers Boogie" and Lionel Hampton's big band blaster "Beulah's Boogie". They're right here alongside the easy rockin' R&B of Sonny Thompson's "Late Freight", the thrusting bop of Cecil Payne's "Blockbuster Boogie" and the cool frenzy of Freddie Slack's "Down The Road Apiece". Then there's Buddy Johnson's epic piece of fingerbustin' "Boogie Woogie's Mother In Law" but, if you want to give your ears a real treat, listen to the frenetic workout that Harry The Hipster Gibson calls "Riot in Boogie"! It's a killer. Hell, they all are, this is one piano CD you NEED to own!


Review Date: March 2009

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