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Howlin' These Blues, Everybody's Got The Right, Whole Lotta Things To Do, Have Yourself A Ball, (Electric) Ragtime Man, Speedin' Up Mama, They Don't Know What To Do,  Thank You Mr Lockwood Jnr, Do My Number, She Moved Away/I'm Goin' Home, Way Back Rag.

Jo' Buddy and Downhome King III made a CD called ‘Grits And Rattles' way back in 2006. We reviewed it and sold absolutely tons and no wonder, it was one of the most invigorating and rocking blues albums of the year - a thrill a minute thanks to Jo' Buddy's thundering guitar work, his crazy vocals and Downhome King's full blooded wicked way with percussion. (Back in stock, by the way see it listed under Ram Bam RAM0004)

Now here's his new one chock-full of strident and scene-stealing guitar with shamelessly gleeful vocals whooping and wailing over a backbeat that could rattle your windows out of their frames. The songs are tremendous - I defy you to pick out a favourite. I've been listening this for three or four weeks and still can't decide! Have Yourself A Ball has a guitar that sounds like Jimmy Reed on steroids, Speedin' Up Mama is a relatively slow number that puts me in mind of Jimmie Rodgers fronting The Band with Pop Staples playing lead guitar and Thankyou Mr. Lockwood simply slams along like a sledgehammer with Jo' Buddy's guitar pouring out nasty, stinky lines while he roars in his best rural growl.  There's more tough, gritty guitar on the slow groove of My Baby She Move/I'm Goin' Home which has the kind of lonesome backwoods sound that Fred McDowell did best but Jo' Buddy takes it somewhere else with a divine snappy pincer movement during his guitar solo.

Right at this moment I'm torn between Howlin' These Blues which is shot through with revved up, wigged out drumming and that back-in-the-woods reverberating guitar that mixes low-down bass runs with slightly discordant ramblings on the bottom string and the big production job Everybody's Got The Right. This killer just romps along with Jo' Buddy snapping away at the low notes on guitar while Downhome King thwacks the living daylights outta his drum kit. Jo' lays down his best vocals on this up-tempo, funky workout and even works in some girl backing singers.

I was a bit concerned that it might not hit the same heights of their first album. But just one listen confirmed that Jo' Buddy and Downhome King III are still creating the best blues music this side of Como Mississippi. Whole Lotta Things To Do is an absolute stonker. Don't you dare miss it!!

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Review Date: September 2009

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