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A ROCKET IN MY POCKET - The Soundtrack To The Hipster Guide To Rockabilly


Ace (CDCHD1268)

Dale Vaughn, Elvis Presley, Gene Maltais, Allen Page, Carl Perkins, Bob Doss, Wanda Jackson, Johnny Burnette, Rocky Bill Ford, Hal Harris, Ronnie Self, Jack Morningstar, The Echo Valley Boys with Bill Browning, Sonny Fisher, Charlie Feathers with Jody & Jerry, Ray Harris, Rhythm Rockets, Jimmy Carroll, Benny Ingram, Junior Thompson with The Meteors, Mel Robbins, Jimmy & Johnny D, Freddie Franks, Ric Cartey, Roy Burk & The Bell Bottoms, Don Willis, Don Cole, Jimmy Lloyd

Rockabilly ranges from a loose limbed mess of hillbilly acoustic boogie beats to all-out screaming messiahs thrashing at electric guitars and beat-up drums inventing music that sounds like a nuclear powered three chord trick. This blues-based country boogie music set the world alight in the 50s and these rare and raucous hard-rockin' items are just as exciting today as they were back then.

This well-constructed collection of chaotic flat-out rockin' music runs the gamut from the desperate scratching urgency of Dale Vaughn's guitar on How Can You be Mean To Me, the distorted poetry of Gene Maltais' The Raging Sea and the weird guitar wrangling on Allen Page's She's The One That Got It to the unbridled bop of Bob Doss' feverish Don't Be Gone Long and the frantic energy of Ronnie Self's wildest recording Bop-A-Lena.

Charlie Feathers gives textbook instructions on how to do it rockabilly-style on the first verse of his storming Get With It, the Echo Valley Boys get real gone on household goods when they wheel out their slice of country bop Washing Machine Boogie and Ray Harris tears up the joint with his riotous attack on Come On Little Mama which features a guitar player who couldn't have been wired right.

The Rhythm Rockets roll out the big drums with the thundering The Slide, Benny Ingram slams in with a pulverising beat on the mighty rare Jello Sal and if you like your rock stripped right down, listen to Freddie Franks bare-to-the-bones version of Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby which has Freddie's voice right up front and a slapped bass that over-rides all the other instruments in the studio! Fans of the echo-chamber will thrill to Don Willis shakin' up a storm on the reverberating Boppin' High School Baby then Don Cole comes on like Jerry Lee with a nervous tic and Jimmy Lloyd delivers a wild bopper in I Got A Rocket In My Pocket which features some manic clanking from the piano player and a guitar player right out of the Dale Hawkins school of twang.

This is great stuff, one of those CDs that demands to be played again and again. And again!


Review Date: August 2010

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