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Kent (CDKEND344)

I'll Do Anything, Face Up To The Truth, Just One Look, What'cha Gonna Do About It, What A Night, You Better Mind, What A Wonderful Lover, Tell Him I'm Not Home, Tomorrow Is Another Day, Lazy Days, Time, But I Love Him, Please Little Angel, One More Chance, Beg Me, Hurry, He Don't Belong To Me, Heartaches, He's Qualified, Ain't That Cute, You Tore Me Up Inside, Don't Tell Your Mama, Can't Hold On, Smilin'/Let Me Make Love To You (with Vy Higginson), Hear Me Calling (with James Hunter), Take My Hand Precious Lord.

Doris Troy was a busy woman. The sleeve notes of this CD are overflowing with details about her work as a songwriter and session vocalist for Solomon Burke and Etta James as well as her live shows with James Brown, Marvin Gaye and Otis Redding and her own huge hits like What'cha Gonna Do About It and Just One Look. They chart her career change when she settled in Britain in the mid-60s and breezed through appearances on Ready Steady Go and worked with Dusty Springfield (Middle Of Nowhere), Billy Preston (That's The Way God Planned It) and George Harrison (My Sweet Lord) as well as making her own album for The Beatles Apple label and appearing on classic recordings like Carly Simon's You're So Vain and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon. And, guess who directed the choir on The Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want? The woman was fantastic!

It's her own music that gets showcased on ‘I'll Do Anything' though and Ace has focused on 26 tracks that show just how impressive she was - opening with her earliest recordings as Doris Payne (You Better Mind and Wonderful Lover) and the Wand 45s with Chuck Jackson (the slow burner Tell Him I'm Not Home and a dance floor favourite Beg Him) and goes right through to her superb work on Atlantic, Cameo-Parkway and Apple. Of course the hits are here too. Just One Look got her into the top ten in the USA but was a world wide smash for The Hollies and What'cha Gonna Do About It has sensational vocals laid over a subtle ska-like beat. There are many glorious moments here including the gospel-infused Atlantic single One More Chance, the high-heel-sneakers-beat of Hurry and the Apple single Ain't That Cute which producer George Harrison admitted was inspired by Leon Russell's Delta Lady and, if you want to hear her take a gospel song by the scruff of its neck and wring out every ounce of feeling, listen to her powerful version of Take My Hand Precious Lord.

‘I'll Do Anything' is a remarkable tribute to a great soul star. Doris Troy's superb voice and the terrific material she sang together with the excellent bio from Mick Patrick and warm remembrances from Ady Croasdell and David Nathan all combine to make this something special.

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Review Date: Febraury 2011

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