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Delta Groove (DGPCD142)

Everything Will Turn Out Alright, The Vibe, I Never Thought, Los Chucos Suaves, She Wakes Up Cryin', Una Pura Y Dos Con Sal, What's In My Heart, The Coffee Song, Un Puno De Tierra, My Brother's Keeper, Keep A Knockin', Calmen Su Rollo.

Los Fabulocos is made up of Ex-Blazers drummer Mike Molina, accordion/vocalist Jesus Cuevas, blues guitarist Kid Ramos and bass player James Barrios and together, they specialise in a crazy rocking hybrid of conjunto, blues, rockabilly, zydeco, norteno and rock music they term Cali-Mex that is obviously influenced by the vintage sounds of Doug Sahm, Rockin' Sidney, Freddy Fender, Flaco Jimenez, Slim Harpo and Johnny Allen.  

‘Dos' contains a battery of great, uplifting, positively bouncing music played by four virtuosos who are intent on taking this tremendous hybrid to far greater heights than previous pioneers could have imagined. Ramos' guitar is a vital ingredient to the mix and he plays some of the grittiest, busiest guitar of his career, adding shimmering moves and dramatic chord changes to She Wakes Up Cryin', fat jangling lines and snappy licks to The Coffee Song and some solid hard rock licks on his anthemic My Brother's Keeper while his most meticulously worked out guitar solo slides in on I Never Thought. This doowop based conjunto is a heartbreaker but they can just as easily rock the joint with their bi-lingual bashing of Little Richard's Keep A Knocking. Then there's the pop and sizzle of the chicano groove Los Chucos Suaves which delivers a perfect demonstration of just how well a West Coast blues guitar can gel with norteno accordion music.

‘Dos' is a blazingly vibrant album packed to the gills with great music - the kind of stuff you'll be blasting at your first barbecue of the summer, so get ready. Meanwhile, play it in your car. It's perfect driving music. To quote the late great gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson; "on some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run for about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio". I know that Los Fabulocos have made an album of exactly the kind of music he was thinking of.

Ask for DGPCD142. 

Review Date: Febraury 2011

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