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Midmoor (MMLPCD001)

Greed, Drink My Blues Away, Brixton Road, Out There, The Spinning Of The Wheel, In My Time, Songs In A Minor Key, Rio Grande, Ballad Of A Scarborough Beach, The Real Real Gone, Troubled Mind, Closing Door.

I had heard little of Charlie prior to coming to this CD, despite his having an apparent 20 year career as a blues rock singer-songwriter and pianist who has played with Otis Grand, Linda Gail Lewis and others.

From the first few bars of the opening track, Greed, however I just knew that I was going to be hooked. Over a dramatic and staccato opening riff are overlayed some fabulous horn charts that sound as though Charlie has struck a deal with Herb Albert to borrow his Tijuana Horn section (a sound I've always found exotically irresistible). By the time  the boogie riff of Brixton Road had captured my full attention, I knew I wasn't going anywhere until I'd heard the whole CD.

And well worth the time it is too! Great songs, superbly played by a band that effortlessly move from blues based rock, reflective ballads and even a progressive rock closer that is immensely enjoyable (no, honestly!). At one point, the band even totally changes tempo mid-track for a fabulous jazz interlude.

All in all a hugely satisfying CD that only suffers a little in that its variety makes it a little difficult to categorise or pigeon-hole. This is for me a plus point and comes highly recommended.


Review Date: January 2013

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