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All Access (AACD0110)

People In Love, The Doctor, I'm Alright, Thanksgiving, Me And All The Other Mothers, They Spelled My Name Wrong Again, Unrequited To The Nth Degree, You Don't Want To Know, A Father And A Son, Road Ode, Your Mother And I, Jesse Don't Like It, Dead Skunk, Sometimes I Forgot, Hard  Day On The Planet

An hour spent in the company of a witty, warm and wise old friend? What's not to like!

This is a radio broadcast concert recorded by KUT-FM Radio at the Cactus Café in Austin, Texas on 11 May 1990 and it has Loudon on top form and sounding great; just his engaging personality, guitar and vast repertoire of fabulous songs to offer us (at one point between songs he even mock-complains of his selection difficulties when scanning the proposed set list  ‘so many fabulous songs, what is a man to do?). What a wag!

Self-mockery aside, the song selection is indeed fabulous, mixing songs from current recordings, old favourites and a few that he had knocking around that would not find their way onto a released recording for a while. They include knockabout novelties like the anti-blues I'm Alright, painfully autobiographical revelations Your Mother And I, self-absorption and narcissism in the hysterical They Spelled My Name Wrong Again, American politics Jesse Don't Like It, the hit Dead Skunk and plenty more besides. And between tracks he is quite a raconteur and stand up comedian.

This is next best thing to actually seeing him in concert but with the added benefit of being able to play it again and again. Which I have, and will continue to do so!



Review Date: March 2013

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