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Devils Tune (DEVICD001)

Levee Camp Blues, Government Fleet Blues, Walking Blues, Shetland Pony Blues, Delta Blues, American Defense, County Farm Blues, The Pony Blues, The Jinx Blues, My Black Mama, Preachin' The Blues, Dry Spell Blues, Clarksdale Moan and more...

While Son House's historic pre-war recordings can be found elsewhere, there is nothing currently available to match this set, with re-stored and re-mastered versions of his historic recordings taken from rare original 78s, of which only one or two copies are now believed to exist.

This new release by Devil's Tunes offers a splendidly presented 2CD set that includes his early Paramount Recordings from May 28th 1930 in Grafton, Wisconsin and his later Library Of Congress Sessions, as recorded in 1941 and 1942, firstly at Klack's Store, Lake Cormorant, Mississippi between 24th and 31 August 1941 and later in Robinsville, Mississippi on 17th July 1942. In fact, it includes all his recorded output from between the wars, after which he would not record again for some 23 years.

From our vantage point of history, these are now known to be truly momentous sessions, and helped enshrine House into the pantheon of recorded blues history alongside legendary friends and musical associates, Charlie Patton and Willie Brown.

All this aside, these recordings remain amazingly powerful exemplars of Mississippi delta blues of the period and their impact hasn't really waned over the many, many years since we first heard them.

So we don't really need to bang on about how much you need these recordings in your collection, they are part of the ‘crown jewels' of recorded blues and if you still need to fill that gap this is just about as good as it gets.

Review Date: August 2013

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