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Repertoire (REP5322)

The enduring appeal of all things Feelgood shows little sign of dissipating. Recent times have seen the release of  two big selling box sets compiling their live and studio recordings from their golden era; one featuring the years with Wilko Johnson (1974-1977) and the other with Wilko's replacement,  Gypie Mayo (1977-1981). Most recently, and poignantly of course, the live DVD of Wilko's farewell tour has been released and is now being snapped up by long-term fans wishing to pay their respects.

And now the band have been included in the Repertoire series of re-issuing live in-concert appearances as recorded for the German TV show Rockpalast. This Feelgood appearance occurred in Berlin on 31 October 1980 and is notable for being one of the very last shows with Gypie in the band. Not known at the time, Gypie had already quit the band and was working his period of notice.

Not that you'd know it as he is clearly giving his all alongside the mighty Lee Brilleaux, Sparko and The Big Figure. A truly awesome band running through 18 of their best tracks and, frankly, its great to see and hear one more time. There must be a point at which I will tire of hearing yet another version of Stupidity, No Mo Do Yakomo, She's A Wind Up, Roxette or all the others but frankly I'm nowhere remotely close to this point yet.

OK, if we wish to nit-pick, the camera work of the German TV crew is fairly static and, in terms of visual appeal and stagecraft, you can never fully replace Wilko's antics. That said, this is still stirring stuff and another must-have for the legion of Feelgoods fans out there.

Review Date: January 2014

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